I have a happy, healthy baby sister!

I am happy to introduce my little sister Delphine Gertrude Gairson.  She is a girl.  She was born May 2, 2016 at 3:44 PM, 8 lbs 3.4 oz, 52 cm long.  I am very excited for her to come home today.  I love my sister very much, she is beautiful.  We are all doing well!


690A5523 IMG_1512

Potty Professional

We finally took the plunge – no diapers except sleeping. All day, at home, on train and bus, and at school PiElla only wore panties. Or maybe I should say panty, singular. As I picked up PiElla from school today, the father of one of the oldest kids in PiElla’s class held up a great big plastic bag of clothes and exclaimed to another parent “guess who’s potty training.” Meanwhile I’m picking up my daughter, one of the youngest kids in the class, and she’s wearing the same pants and panties she was wearing when I dropped her off at school this morning. In truth she’s probably had a lot more practice than the older child, since she’s been using the potty since she was three months old. Later she went through a phase when she was learning to walk when she really wasn’t interested in using the potty. Now at 20 months she has quite effortlessly and gracefully left diapers behind. Mama is proud and impressed.


I took Daddy to the Zoo for his birthday!  I saw flamingoes.  Daddy liked them too.  They were pretty.  The gorilla and jaguar were scary.  The peacock showed us his peacock!  It was amazing.  I have never seen such beautiful feathers.  Except on the flamingoes.  They have pretty pink and red and red-orange feathers.  They were more fun to watch than the peacock.

Flamingoes Jaguar Peacock

I was sick all day.  But Daddy helped me.  So it was okay.

Momma and Daddy woke me up early on Saturday.  We drove to Cannon Beach.  I played with Grandma Carrie and Bruce!  I played in the sand.  Grandma gave me a ball and a bucket.  I had a lot of fun.  I want to do that more.  I was still a bit sick though.  I hope I did not get Grandma or Granddad sick.

I gave Momma and Daddy my cold for Daddy’s birthday.  They are funny.  I get to run around and do stuff.  They normally would tell me no but they do not.  It is fun.  But I am good.  So I behave.

Last night Daddy and I sat and cuddled while Momma was at a bored meeting.  She did not sound bored when she got back.  She could barely talk.  It is kinda scary.  Daddy could not talk when we cuddled.  I grabbed him my Time for Bed book and asked him to read it.  He whispered to me that I should read it.  I read it to him.  It was a lot of fun.  I showed him everything in the book!  He really appreciated it.  We had a good time.

I hope Momma and Daddy can talk again soon.  I am the only one at home who can talk now.  It is getting lonely.

Happy Birthday Grandma Diane

I smile thinking of you when your granddaughter slurps down her goat milk (much preferred over cow), is drawn in awe to the giant redwood in the UW quad over the showy cherry trees, and delights in rolling in the dirt in our p-patch garden. I miss you always and especially today but I know you are with me and our little PiElla Diane every day.

Day two and first transit commute

Much to my relief PiElla did not get train/bus sick, unlike our carsick experiences of the day before. In fact, we had a wonderful commute in. We cuddled and chatted the whole way (“eye, yes that’s your eye. Eye, yes that’s Mama’s eye”). I felt so privileged. With busy toddler her and busy mama me, it feels like it has been more than a year since I spent a whole hour just being with PiElla, stroking her hair, looking into her eyes not having any agenda except to enjoy each other’s presence. It’s part of what I love about taking transit. It is often an opportunity to send some preciously rare unstructured, spontaneous, relaxed social time. Now I get to share that with my daughter two times a day.

School went great. I dropped her off in time for morning snack and picked her up after lunch. She had a wonderful time and wasn’t the least bit clingy. She’s taking to her new school like a duck to water, as they say (quack, quack, quack).

First day of school!

Today was PiElla’s first day in the toddler room at the Montessori based UW childcare center (just two blocks from my office). She’s very excited about “school” (a word she says with enthusiasm) and when we talked about the kids she played with today she signed for more. She’s fitting right in and the transition is off to a great start (minus getting spectacularly car sick both going and coming home – hopefully she fares better on the bus tomorrow!)