What next . . .

We are at a strange point in time, a point that should feel normal, but due to circumstances feels abnormal.  We are in the middle of enjoying the longest stretch of time without any appointments at Children’s Hospital that we have experienced since last October.  At least, I think it is the longest, if it is not it is close to the longest.  Our next appointment is not until May 21, when PiElla will get her next surgery for her hips.  The doctors will remove her cast, check her legs, clean her up, and put on a new cast.  Our last appointment was April 19.  It will be just over a month between appointments.  A part of me wants to rejoice, but another part is afraid . . . because it does not feel normal to not have another crisis looming for lengthy periods of time.

I am sure we will get through it, and the beautiful weather that is coming with it.  It has been gorgeous off and on the last few weeks.  We have got out.  We have felt the urge to do spring cleaning.  And as a result, our house is now a mess, while we try desperately to reorganize around a nearly 8 month old.  It is an epic battle, but I am sure we will eventually prevail, only to reenter the war on another front.


I like trikes!

Father took me home today.  I spent the day with Mindy.  Noah is fun to play with.  Mindy takes care of me.  She is fun too.

Father took my stuff in to the house.  He came to get me.  He picked me up.  It was cold.  He put my blanket on me.

I saw Hazel.  She was on her bicycle.  She had taken off the extra wheels.  She was riding on her own!  I thought that looked fun.

I saw a bike.  The bike was lonely.  Nobody was on it.  It had three wheels.  Hazel only had two wheels.  I thought that was okay.  I asked Father to ride the bike.  He said we could try.  He said Dave and Joy are real nice.  He said they would not mind.  He put me on the bike!


Hazel saw me.  She said it was okay for me to ride the bike.  Dave took a photo of me and Father.


It was really fun.  I had to balance.  The bars were cold.  They fit my hands perfect.  It was fun!


The bike had streamers.  The streamers were fun to grab.  I played with them.


The sky was really blue.  It was still a little sunny.  The sunny spots were warm.  The shady spots were cold.


I really wanted to catch the streamer.  It was on my left.  I like looking left.  Father keeps trying to make me look right.  He says I need to look right.  He says I have torticollis.  He has started sneezing again.  His sneezes scare me.  I told him I like looking left.  He said nice things are on the right also.


I lunged for the streamer.  I almost fell!


Father made me play with the right streamer.  It was easier to grab.  It was curious.  My blanket kept my toes warm.


But I really do like the left streamer.  It is hard to grab both sides.  They are far away.


Father helps me.  I can ride with no hands.  Here I am Zen riding.  Father told me I looked peaceful.  I told him I was having fun.


Father let me ride on my own!  Hazel trusted me.  She put Doggy Love in the rider compartment.  He traveled around.  I like Hazel.  She shares her toys with me.  Sharing is fun!


I surprised Mother when she came home.  I was riding the bike.  Father was helping me!


I had a lot of fun.  I like riding bikes!  I will do it again.  I want to do it a lot.  I hope it is not so cold.  Father let my fingers get cold.

On Guard!

On Guard Germs!  I have you in my sights.  I am ready to slay thee!  I like to talk like Father.  I think it is silly.  The kind doctor gave me a sword.  I like my sword!  Father said I can depress things with it.


I got it!

I play a game with Father.  Father sets me down.  He turns around.  I use my telekinesis.  The toilet paper roll was on the table.  Father left and came back.  I had the toilet paper roll.  I will never tell him how I did it.  Toilet paper is funny!


Lunch, Father

Today was with Father.  Father fed me water and milk.  He fed me in my Bumbo.  We sat on the porch.  I helped Father tie his hops.  I want to hop.  Father said I have to wait.  I asked how long.  He said until I can walk.  I said when is that.  He said it is when my cast is off.  I want my cast off.



Father and Mother took me to Kubota Gardens.  The tall plants scared me.  I thought they were going to poke my eyes.  Mother said she would protect me.  It made me giggle.  I was nervous.


Mother walked across the tiny bridge.  I did not fall in.  I am glad.  The gardens were pretty.  I saw a lot of water.  I wish I could play in the water.  Father said I have to wait until July.  I hope it does not get too hot before then.


I took a nap.  Mother is a good place to nap.


I gave Father the look.  He made a joke.  I was trying to sleep.  It made Mother laugh.  Her laugh woke me up.  I did not hear the joke.


I saw my first waterfall!  Pouring makes me laugh.  A waterfall is endless pouring.  I want to play in it.  Mother says I have to wait.  My cast cannot get wet.  I will wait.  I hope there are still waterfalls in my future.


Mother stood on a stone.  There was water all around me.  It was very hot out.  I kept wiggling.  I was hoping to fall in.  Mother has too good of balance.  I stayed dry.


The gardens were very pretty.  I think everyone should go.  I want to go again.

Ribbons and Cards

Father put a ribbon in my hair.  Grandmother Carrie said I look like Pebbles.  Bam Bam Bam Bam!  I like to play cards.  Cards are tasty.  My cards have kittens on them.  Father says kittens are not tasty.  I want to taste a kitten.  I squeal with delight when I see a kitten.  I do not understand.  The kitten always runs away.  Father and Mother do not have a kitten.  Father said they make him sneeze.  I get scared with Father sneezes.  I do not need a kitten!



Father makes me do silly things.  I give him a serious look.  Mother and Father gave me a new chair.  I can eat at the table.  Father strapped me down.  Father made a silly joke.  I gave him my look.


Mother said I had to try it.  I do not know what it is.  I tried it.  It was tasty.  It made good art.  I spread it everywhere.  I put it in my mouth.  It was good.  Father said I was supposed to smile.  I told him I was concentrating.  Food is serious business.



Mother and Father took me to Target.  Mother bought me a lot of things.  Father put a lot of clothes on me.  I want a new helmet.  I told Father this one does not fit.


Father and Mother took me to Babies Are Us.  I met a lot of babies.  The store was giant.  I got lost.  Father found me in a chair.  I want this chair.  I look fabulous in zebra stripes.  Mother said it was too expensive.  Father said it was too big.  I think they are right.  I still like the chair.  It fits me.