Joyce and Ted visited me on Saturday.  I liked that.  Father and Mother took me dancing.  All of us went to Folklife again!  Father strapped me on to his left hip.  I span and span and span with him and Mother.  I had a lot of fun!


Father and Mother danced a lot.  I started to get drowsy.


It was hard to keep my eyes open.  I was so tired.  They danced with me until I was worn out.


I told Father not to post this picture.  I like to look glamorous.  He said I needed to share.  I was so tired.  I passed out.


Father and Mother kept dancing until I was totally asleep.


Mother took me off of Father.  I was exhausted.


She gave me to cousin Joyce.  Joyce was comfortable.  I slept on her for an hour.  Thank you Joyce!  Joyce told me that Father and Mother kept dancing.  They danced a lot.  Father said his feet were sore.


I woke up!  Father picked me up and held me.  Mother kept my head still.  We span in circles and danced a lot.  It was fun!


Mother kept staring at me and kissing me.


Father kissed me too.  It was sweet.  I really love dancing with them.


Father danced with just me.  Mother was tired.  Father said it was a good song.  He picked me up and danced.  A lot of people took pictures.  Father hopes someone shares the picture.  I want to see how beautiful I was.  Father’s dancing friends said I was the best follow in the room.  I blushed!  Mother is a better follow than me.  Her feet can touch the ground!  I told them thank you.


I was not done dancing.  The music stopped.  We all clapped.  Clapping is fun!  I kept telling Mother to go back.  I wanted to dance more!  Giddy Up Mother!


I wanted to dance more!  I hope Mother and Father take me dancing again.  Mother and Father were tired Sunday.  They decided to stay home.  Instead I played with Cora at her home for dinner.  That was fun.  Her parents are nice.  A dog licked my foot!  And barked at me.  I like Cora.  Cora is loud.  She scares me when she is loud.  That is okay.  I cannot wait to go dancing again.  There needs to be more early dancing!


Father took me on the bus.  Friday we went to Folklife.  It was a long bus ride.  It was hot.


Father let me play with Michelle.  Michelle has fun hair.


I played with her and Joel.  Father told me that Joel and Michelle married him and Mother.  I like them.


They are sweet like strawberries.  Mother has strawberries that are turning red.  I want to eat them.  She says I have to wait until they are perfectly ripe.  Father said they might  disappear before then.  Mother said he needs to be patient.


Mother and Father took me dancing.  Folklife was fun on Saturday.  There was too much smoking.  It made Father and me sneeze a lot.  There were young kids who looked ill.  They were smoking from a vacuum cleaner.  Father said it was a hookah.  They did not look healthy.  I stayed away from them.  The water fountain was pretty.  I asked Mother if I could play in it.  She said I had to wait.  I asked for what.  She said until my cast was off.  I hope it comes off soon.


Father clipped my hat up so I could see.  I like that.


I think the clip looks funny.  A boy said I looked stylin.


Father and Mother spent the day with cousins Joyce and Ted.  I liked them a lot.  Father said I had met them before.  I barely remember them.  Mother said I was very small then.  I told her I am still small!


I had a lot of fun.


I play with Noah on Thursdays.  And on Fridays.


He is fun to play with.  He is almost crawling.  I am jealous.  Mother says I might get to crawl in two months.  I hope so!


Sometimes Noah tells bad jokes.  I prefer Father’s jokes.  I give Noah a look when his jokes are bad.


Mindy takes care of Noah and me.  I like Mindy.  She is very nice to us.  Noah stays with Mindy all the time.  I like going home to Mother and Father.

Proud Mama

Yesterday PiElla came and helped me at work. We were having a trail party for Bike Month and I was staffing our booth, mingling in the crowd, and helping with take down. Jay and PiElla arrived about an hour before the end of the event and hung out for a while, getting to meet friends and colleagues.

Jay had an evening event, so PiElla stayed with me. I wore her in the carrier facing front and out and she helped give people information and have a good time. Then I put her on my back and she helped me take down lantern decorations, move garbage totes, and generally tidy up. When everything was well in hand for the event take down, we went back to the office for potty/diaper and feeding. She fell fast asleep nursing. I managed to put her outer diaper cover on, lay her on my desk on a blanket, and put her in the carrier (front, nestled against my chest) all while she was sound asleep. I loaded up all our gear (next time I do this I will just pull out the essentials from her diaper bag and leave the bag with Jay) and off we went to the bus stop. We caught a 71 after not too long of a wait. PiElla woke up around University Bridge – the bus was rather bumpy. She just gently, slowly lifted her head, then gradually became more awake and alert. Never a cry or a grumble. And why would she? Snuggled against mama, tummy still full, getting to watch the interesting world from the security of her mother’s arms. We had a very sweet bus ride just sitting there nuzzling and snuggling.

We decided to get off at Pioneer Square station as there were lots of available benches. We struck up a conversation with a friendly gentleman. Babies are great conversation starters. We ended up talking with the fellow all the way to Columbia City. He’s originally from Djibouti, has lived in Seattle for 15 years, is a supervising engineer for Seattle City Light with responsibility for the University District, and has a seven year old son. It was fun.

It was 9pm by the time we were walking home, enjoying the scent of spring flowers in the evening air. Two of our neighbors were on their front porches and we stopped briefly to chat with each of them.

By the time we got home, Jay was just 15 min behind us. We could have waited for him to give us a ride home. But what we did was much more fun and I was proud of our mama-daughter team working together, traveling together, and being social together. We get so many comments about how happy, easy-going and social PiElla is, and I do think that evenings like yesterday’s are one important part of why.

All good.

I was unconscious.  Then I slept.  Then I ate.  Then I slept.  Then Father made a new potty chair for me.  Then I ate dinner.  Mother fed me cod and broccoli.  It was good.  Then I played.  Then it was time for bed.

I am home.  All is good.  I am feeling mellow.  I do not know what to say.  I did tell Father and Mother all about my dreams.  I had lovely dreams while unconscious.  The world was peaceful.  The doctors were nice when I woke up.  They played with me.  They offered me sweeties.  I wanted to eat Mother.  I told them I could wait.  They thought I was funny.  When I saw Mother I was happy!  I wanted her to hold me immediately.  I was happy Father was there.  I was so hungry that it hurt.  I was happy to eat.  Mother and Father took me home.  I was fast.  I did not have to say in the ward.  I like that.  There is a whale at home.  I think it is planning to eat me.  I keep warning Father.  He does not listen.  He tries to play with the whale.  He needs to be careful.  I am happy.  I love my family.  I love everyone who helps me.  Thank you.


New cast

We are scheduled to arrive at Children’s at 6:45 tomorrow morning. PiElla’s procedure is scheduled for 8:30. It’s the whole surgery routine again – period of fasting, early morning, general anesthesia, antibiotics, and more diagnostic radiation (live x-ray and CT scan). We’re almost too familiar with it. At least this time no hibacleanse (we couldn’t wash it off since we can’t bathe her). We assume they will put her under, take off the old cast, wash her, put on the new cast, do a CT, return her to us, and that we should be able to leave pretty soon after she has proven she can eat and excrete again. However, we’ve had no pre-surgery appointments, so we’ll be answering all those questions of what to expect right before the surgery. I guess that’s it for updates – we’ll post more tomorrow.

Roller Derby

Mother took me to a shower. It was fun. Then she bought me ear muffs. They make the world quiet.

Mother met Father at the arena. Father was hanging out with Sage. Sage helped me put my ear muffs on. He smells like good leather. Father says Sage is a biker and a good friend.

Mother and Father went to Rebecca’s birthday.   Her birthday was at the arena.  Andy and Goldie held me while Mother and Father ate. Eldan and Melinda and Rebecca and friends were there.  I found out why I had ear muffs on. I pulled them off and it was loud!  My ears hurt. Father put them back on me. Mother comforted me. I found Mother’s sandwich. I asked her to share. Mother did not want to share. I spilled it on the floor. Mother was frustrated.

Mother and Father held me and explained derby to me. It looks fun. I want to be a jammer.  Father said I could be a derbywantedI when I am older. Derby brats help out. They have a lot of fun.

Roller Derby is all girl players. I told Mother that was really neat.

Sometimes it was a lot going on. I would play with my toy to relax.


I would then watch the game more.


It was loud. Father taught me to cheer.


Andy held me nice. I like to party.


Here I am cheering for Missile America. She was my favorite!  She was a Bottle Rocket.


Sage helped me style my new ear muffs.


I think they look good. They make it not too loud. I like that.


Father and I had a lot of fun.


I like derby.

I want to go again!  My friend Lizzie is fresh meat. I think that is  super!

Surgery and Grandfather Bruce

Surgery is not fun.  I have done it twice.  The worst was my head.  I am better because of surgery.  My brain is bigger.  My head looks right.  My hips are almost better.  Surgery might be a good thing.  I do not like it.

I woke Father up this morning.  I said Dad to get his attention.  He said Pi and played with me.  I like that.

I told Father that Grandfather Bruce was on my mind.  Grandfather Bruce has problems with his hip.  Just like me!  I like that.  Father says that I should not like that.  I find it comforting.  I am not alone with my hip.  Grandfather Bruce has to have surgery.  His surgery is today.  He had to check in this morning.  His surgery started at the same time as my last hip surgery.  He is my hip Grandfather!  I want to be there for him.  I remember when Grandmother Carrie traveled all the way up to see me for my surgery.  I want to give Grandfather Bruce a big hug before he goes in.  I would tell him that everything will be okay.  He will ache a bit.  His hip might be sore.  He will be groggy.  But he is strong like me.  He will do well.  He will heal fast.  He is still growing.  He makes me a bigger person.  He is very kind and calm.  He does not have a beard like Grandfather Lonny.  That is okay.

I want to be there when Grandfather Bruce wakes up.  I would pat his head.  Just like Father patted mine.  I would ask him if he felt better.  I would tell him everything would be okay.  I would help him not be scared.  Hospitals can be scary.  Grandfather Bruce will brave like me.  I am sorry I cannot be there for him.  Mother and Father have to work.  They say they have taken off a lot of time for me.  It is hard for them to take days off now.  They are taking Monday off for my surgery.  I will have hip surgery again on Monday.  I hope Grandfather Bruce only has to do surgery once.  It is not fun.

I send Grandfather Bruce my healings.  He will do well.  Just like me!  I cannot wait to play on the beach with him.  He promised to take me fishing from the shore.  Grandfather Lonny said he will take me fishing from a boat.  Both sound fun.  I do not know what fishing is.  I know what fish is.  Fish is tasty.  Mother feeds me a lot of fish.  I like fish.  I hope Grandfather Bruce does not have to wear a cast.  Kicking my legs is fun.  I can only move my feet.  Grandfather Bruce should be able to kick his legs.  That will be good.  He will heal faster.

My hip Grandfather will do well.  He is a brave man.  I love him.  He will do good.  The doctors will be proud of him.  I hope Grandmother Carrie is there to take care of him.  She would be a good nurse.  She helped me at the hospital.  I hope she can hold Grandfather Bruce like she held me!  Grandfather Bruce might be too big.  I think hugs and being held are just right.


PiElla’s First Musical Instrument and First Joke

Yesterday, PiElla picked out her first physical musical instrument that was not on the iPad.  Today, she told her first joke.  As a parent these moments are the little joys that bring laughter, love, and an all around good feeling to our lives.

Just after PiElla’s surgery in February, we introduced her to Orphion on the iPad.  She totally got into it:

We enjoyed it also, as she managed to put together some cute and interesting compositions.  The drawback though was that she started demanding the iPad when we used it.  As a result, we have cut back on playing it except when we are in the mood to do so.

Yesterday, PiElla and I ran a lot of errands.  It was a hot pre-summer day in Seattle and we had an errand that took us through Fremont.  In Fremont is Dusty Strings, and at Dusty Strings is an old friend of mine from when I lived in Springfield (she in Eugene) named Molly.  Molly is the harp-pixie of Dusty Strings, a phenomenal musician, and a really sweet person.  It was her first time meeting PiElla and we chatted a bit and had some fun.  After a bit, I asked if they had any instruments that PiElla might enjoy.  We went to the small percussion instruments section and played around.  PiElla liked the thunder drum, but the spring bounced back and could have whacked her.  She also liked the vegetable shakers, but she already has quite a few rattles.  Then, we saw the mini bongos.  I was wearing PiElla on my front, so I held them in front of her.  Molly played the mini bongos for a bit, but PiElla seemed mostly uninterested.  We stopped and chatted, and I just kept them in front of her.  Suddenly she started tapping on them with her hand.  As a result, I went ahead and bought the bongos.

When we got out to the car she was thirsty, hungry, tired, and fussy.  She drank her bottle and then was still fussy.  So, I decided to play with her before taking off, as the car was in the shade.  I pulled out the bongos and placed them in her lap.  And this is what happened:

PiElla started to play the bongos and relax.  We had a lot of fun, I filmed a bit, we send the video to Celeste who got a kick out of it, and after she calmed down I took them away (she fussed a bit over that), but then she fell promptly asleep.

This morning I pulled the bongos out again and she knew what to do and started playing them instantly.  I would rate these as a success, but I need to replace the little rubber feet as they come off all too easily.


This afternoon I came home and fixed up dinner with PiElla.  Celeste joined us and then around the dinner table we all sat rolling and eating cabbage rolls.  In the center was my father’s canned smoked rock fish (delicious!).  We had a good time hanging out, but PiElla started fussing a bit as the meal neared the end.  As a result, I started playing with her by making still freeze faces.  Rather similar to the internet meme of the Dramatic Look:

PiElla started laughing hysterically and after a bit I stopped.  A few minutes later she moved back in her chair turned her head, let out a short shriek, thrust her hands out, turned her head, made a funny face, and paused.  Completely still.  Celeste and I looked at each other thinking, “What the heck is she doing?”  And then it donned on us.  PiElla told her first joke.  We lost it in hysterics.  She then proceeded to do it for us off and on over the next hour, and we lost it every time.  We also called her Grandfather and my Grandmother and showed them, PiElla got a kick out of showing off her new joke.

So there we have it, our daughter has new bongos and has officially told her first joke.  What a blast and what a great feeling of healing laughter for all of us, we needed it.