Missing my girls

I am spending a few days traveling for family business.  It is the first time I have been away from Celeste and PiElla overnight.  Five full nights, no sweet ladies.  I must admit, the thing I miss the most is waking up in the morning to PiElla’s sweet, giant smile and hello’s.

Cast surgery tomorrow!

We check in tomorrow at 6:15am. My nerves have been through the roof all day. I’m so hungry to have PiElla out of the cast. I’m almost physically sick at the thought of her going into another one. Just a little over 12 hours and we’ll know. The waiting is the worst. They said three months and we’ve done that now, but the decision is made in the operating room. We keep telling each other, the only thing we want more than PiElla getting out of the cast is for her not to need to go into a spica cast (or have hip surgery) later when she’s older. As hard as it has been, as much as we ache to be able to cuddle our baby unencumbered and watch her learn to sit, crawl, and walk, we know treatment only gets harder the older she gets. Breathe deep.