Politics gets personal

I have never felt as much of a personal stake in a presidential election as I do this time. Both candidates have their good qualities and their faults. And what they will actually do and accomplish will depend not just on their positions but on the congress and so many other factors in the context in which they govern. That said, my impression is of very divergent world views, with incredibly profound impacts for my family.

Obama’s healthcare plan puts in place protections that mean that PiElla, with all of her early health issues, should always have access to health care. Romney wants to take that away.

Romney wants to take away tax credits. Tax credits for dependents, education, and home ownership are critical in our current tight financial situation.

Obama wants to invest in energy independence with an emphasis on renewables. Romney wants to exploit every last drop of fossil fuel, adding poisons to the air and ever greater risk and instability to my daughter’s future.

I will do everything I can to keep my daughter safe and empowered so that she should never have to face the heartache of an unwanted pregnancy. But if she or one of her friends were ever to face that terrible situation, they should be able to end the pregnancy with safety and dignity. Romney (or at least Ryan) wants to take that away.

As far as I can tell, Romney is the take away candidate – take away our health care, take away our education, take away our freedom, take away our clean air. I hope you will stand with me and say you can’t take that away from me or my family; I’m voting for Obama.


The culmination of a couple years of effort by our neighbors – installation of a new play structure in our neighborhood park. PiElla didn’t let the size of shovels dampen her enthusiasm to help. When it was all done, she had a blast sitting in the middle while the bigger kids climbed all around. She especially enjoyed playing with her cousin Caitlyn.