Potty Professional

We finally took the plunge – no diapers except sleeping. All day, at home, on train and bus, and at school PiElla only wore panties. Or maybe I should say panty, singular. As I picked up PiElla from school today, the father of one of the oldest kids in PiElla’s class held up a great big plastic bag of clothes and exclaimed to another parent “guess who’s potty training.” Meanwhile I’m picking up my daughter, one of the youngest kids in the class, and she’s wearing the same pants and panties she was wearing when I dropped her off at school this morning. In truth she’s probably had a lot more practice than the older child, since she’s been using the potty since she was three months old. Later she went through a phase when she was learning to walk when she really wasn’t interested in using the potty. Now at 20 months she has quite effortlessly and gracefully left diapers behind. Mama is proud and impressed.