Last Monday we went in for PiElla’s 9 month follow-up on her skull surgery.  We met with Doctors Lee and Hopper.  They were excited by how well PiElla’s head has healed up!  Everything looks great.  We do not have another appointment with them until she reaches two years post-op.

The doctors also asked if we would ever be willing to talk to another lambdoid craniosynostosis parent about the endoscopic option.  We said absolutely.

Exciting times for us!

2 thoughts on “Head

  1. Joyce Liljeholm says:

    Jay, This is wonderful Thanksgiving news. PiElla has seemed fine,
    but so nice to have the doctors agree!

  2. emily and Elizabeth says:

    Yall were such a great resource for us about the SPICA cast, I’m sure other parents would be lucky to have yall to talk to. We have tried to “pay it forward” by being present to answer questions for other SPICA parents =)

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