Day two and first transit commute

Much to my relief PiElla did not get train/bus sick, unlike our carsick experiences of the day before. In fact, we had a wonderful commute in. We cuddled and chatted the whole way (“eye, yes that’s your eye. Eye, yes that’s Mama’s eye”). I felt so privileged. With busy toddler her and busy mama me, it feels like it has been more than a year since I spent a whole hour just being with PiElla, stroking her hair, looking into her eyes not having any agenda except to enjoy each other’s presence. It’s part of what I love about taking transit. It is often an opportunity to send some preciously rare unstructured, spontaneous, relaxed social time. Now I get to share that with my daughter two times a day.

School went great. I dropped her off in time for morning snack and picked her up after lunch. She had a wonderful time and wasn’t the least bit clingy. She’s taking to her new school like a duck to water, as they say (quack, quack, quack).

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