Happy Birthday Grandma Diane

I smile thinking of you when your granddaughter slurps down her goat milk (much preferred over cow), is drawn in awe to the giant redwood in the UW quad over the showy cherry trees, and delights in rolling in the dirt in our p-patch garden. I miss you always and especially today but I know you are with me and our little PiElla Diane every day.

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Grandma Diane

  1. Ann Medlock says:

    Diane’s redwoods are quite tall now–the ones she planted on our land. Maybe someday PiElla can come see them.

  2. Joyce Liljeholm says:

    I am sure Grandma Diane lives on in PiElla. Our children know about their Grandma Lucille without meeting her in person. I am so lucky to be visiting my mother Priscilla (99) today. Hugs to PiElla.

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